• Oh! Hello

      OH! two letters that can come to mean different things - a delightful surprise, a happy moment of enlightenment, a quiet realisation and many more. What matters most is the way you say it.

      We at Oh! believe in the same. As a design studio, we think that all work, in whatever form, should evoke feelings or emotions in people. It should connect with them and be memorable. Because when that happens, it finds a special place in their lives.

      We let our creativity transform into visual expression that is meaningful for your brand - work that rests on sound strategies and delivers results according to your needs. Because some may only want a small solution to a problem. And some may want us to create the whole brand identity and communication for them.

      Whatever it is, we help you find just the right place that you want to be in. Because we go by a simple principle - create work that brings a smile on people's faces and watch how they welcome you with open arms.

  • What We Do

    • Identity Design
    • Brand Communication
    • Print & Advertising
    • Publication Design
    • Packaging Design
    • Environmental Graphics
    • Retail Design & Communication
    • Exhibition
  • At Oh! We help your brand find
    the place it wants to be in.

    • Creativity

      With a sound strategic foundation and in-depth brand analyses, we mine for key brand insights that hit the right notes.

    • Strategy

      We nurture brands passionately and help them evolve with the times. We identify new opportunities and act as agents for brand and business growth.

    • Management

      We believe in a 'Brand Idea'. We're an idea factory that creates innovative solutions for your brand needs.

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